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30 million+

Enterprise registered capital

4000 tons

One phase of scale design comprehensive capacity

Special fine structure with high purity, high strength and high density.
Graphite products 1000 tons, products are widely used in aerospace,
New energy, non-ferrous metals, chemical, machinery and other high-end industries.

The main products are: artificial graphite, natural graphite, composite graphite,
carbon materials, silicon carbon and lithium titanate and other negative electrode materials.


In order to further improve our technical strength, we have carried out deep cooperation with some colleges and universities in order to further improve our technical strength, and have made remarkable achievements.


Henan mid Hanbo new energy Co., Ltd. was established in July 10, 2014. The company has two production bases in Pingdingshan and Kaifeng. It produces 14000 tons of graphite anode material for lithium battery and 1000 tons of special fine structure graphite products. Products are widely used in aerospace, electric vehicles, new energy, digital electronics, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry.